Royal Kids

This logo is for a department within VIVE that caters specifically to young children. It was inspired by this concept that children of the Kingdom are royalty - princes and princesses if you will. 

The prompt I was given was this idea of "crowns and swords" and this is what I came up with. I wanted the logo to still have a youthful dynamic to it, but without seeming too childish so that it would appeal to a broad range of children, both toddlers and the pre-teens. I hand drew the images on good old fashioned pen and paper, vectorized it and added some clean type underneath it. 


C3 Silicon valley

C3 Silicon Valley (now known as VIVE) is an influential organization located in the Bay Area. Just two years in, we decided that our logo and branding needed to be updated for various reasons. 

There wasn't much direction as far as the vision for this logo, but we knew that we wanted it to be unique, memorable and hip. This is what I came up with. 

The hexagon or honeycomb shape was an evolution of our current logo and it also resembled a "silicon wafer chip". This is what Silicon Valley was initially named after and I found it to be very representative of our community. The edges are also quite sharp and bold which matched our brand personality perfectly. 

Beyond that, the outline of the symbol resembles the letter “C” and the three bars inside symbolizes the number “3” = C3. We found this logo to be extremely memorable and strongly resonated with our community.



Love SV is an annual initiative of VIVE where as an organization, we dedicate an entire week to serving the local communities. It's about showing Silicon Valley (and beyond!) the love of Jesus by connecting with local communities through acts of service, organized activities and volunteer opportunities. 

This initiative was birthed in 2015 and the goal was for Love SV to turn into an annual event that would stretch further beyond just one week of service. Knowing the reach it would have, I wanted this logo to be very bold and memorable - yet still relevant and clean so that it remained within our current brand guidelines. 

I purposely picked strong colors and designed the geometric heart from scratch to add a more dynamic feature to the design and this was the result.