/anˈtisəˌpāt/: to expect; look forward to; be sure of:


I've always been one of those easily excited people. Give me some good friends or family, yummy food and a good playlist - I'm hyped. Now that spring is upon us, there are so many things that I'm anticipating (though I guess I'll admit that it happens to be raining outside as I write this post..)

Here are three things that I'm looking forward to this spring: 

#1 - SUN

Normally, this wouldn't make the list. But since leaving sunny California, I've developed a new found sense of appreciation for it being warm outside. There are so many benefits to the sun, like the freedom of wearing a tshirt and shorts (and not five million other layers), no longer have to take Vitamin D supplements, wearing less makeup and rocking that beachy wave all day erryday and the fact that the world seems to be a happier place when the weather is desirable. 


Anyone else have a vacation lined up that they're looking forward to?? The hubs and I are going to Mexico in forty-four days (not like I'm counting..) and I seriously c a n n o t wait to be sipping margaritas (and mojitos and piña coladas and all the tropical bevs) on the beach. We're also going to be doing a bit of traveling to hang with both of our families in Cali and Tennessee respectively and obvi I can't wait for getting family time in there, it's my favorite. There's just something about this time of year that encourages traveling and I'm always down for some good old-fashioned holidays. My must-haves for traveling: sunnies, mosquito spray, swimmers, a good book and bananagrams.


There are hundreds of things I love about New York - one of them has to be the fact that there are amazing views all around. The Manhattan skyline is stunning and my hubs tells me that when the weather warms up, people live life from rooftop to rooftop. I can't wait to take advantage of this and am so looking forward to rooftop bbqs, parties and sipping rosé with friends. 

I could probably list out a thousand other things that I'm excited about spring in New York but I'll just leave it there for now. If you have some recommendations, comment below! What are you looking forward to this spring?

xx, Amber

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