/prəˈviZHən/: the action of providing or supplying; to make available for use. 


This is my word for the year. I will be the first to admit that it's kind of an odd word to have, as the meaning behind "provision" isn't really something that can be controlled by the receiver. By nature, provision is given when the individual is unable to provide for themselves. This is the place that I recently found myself. 

You see, my husband and I just relocated from sunny California to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, New York City (pretty amazing place to move to for the record). From the point where we decided that the move was happening to when we packed up all our stuff at our place back home and said our final goodbyes - everything happened so fast 😱. As we neared the end of the year and our move date drew closer, I felt pressed to ask God for a word for 2017. The word I heard was "PROVISION". 

I remember scribbling down every promise that I felt God say in that moment:

I’m going to take care of you. I’m going to give you the best friendships. You won’t be lonely. I’m going to bless your marriage and anoint Shaun in everything he does. You will find a place in a church where you and Shaun can serve together and thrive. I’m going to bless and provide for your finances. Your job and career will grow. And even with the distance, you will remain close to your family and friends back home.

It was as if all fear and worry that I felt about moving to New York was swept away with just one word (#classicGod). There was so much that I felt we were leaving behind in California, but I knew that this word would be a promise that I could hold on to throughout this year. 

We have only been in New York for barely two weeks and while there have definitely been moments of fear, worry, insecurity, anxiety, (I could go on..) I can already see how God has come through on His word to provide for us. As I was reflecting on what He's already done, I had this random idea of creating a "One Word Journal".


I'm calling this my "Provision Journal"

In this journal, I am going to write down one thing every day that I've seen God provide. It's not hard for me to believe that God will provide, mostly because when I look at how far He's brought me in the years past, there's no question that He's more than faithful to do it again.

The heart behind this journal is not for it to be a tool to hold God accountable to providing for me, instead it's a way for me to hold myself accountable to being thankful for everything that He has provided. I don't want this year to pass me by without expressing my gratitude and thankfulness to God for His faithfulness. 

So what's your word for 2017? Comment below and let me know!

My prayer for this year is that I spend less time concerned about my lack and more time thanking God for His faithfulness and provision - and I'm believing the same for you too! Xx

**If you haven't heard much about the "One Word" thing, no worries! You can learn more about it here: and even connect with other people who have the same word as you.** 

xx, Amber


Ps.  I was fun would it be if you joined me on this journey and we started our "One Word Journals" together?! I find that life is way more fun when I'm doing it in community, so I'd LOVE to invite you to join me! Let me know you're joining the cause by commenting below and grab whatever notebook you have nearby (or you can just open your "notes" app on your phone) and start today! 

Also, if you want a pretty one, I'd love to design your "One Word Journal"! Comment or send me a message here and I'll make a custom one for you! Let's do this 👊🏽 Xx

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