/CHou/: used as a greeting at meeting or parting. 


It's officially official - we are New Yorkers!

As of last Saturday, my husband and I have made NYC our new home. We're just three days into our new life here and we're already transitioning well (PTL)! We went to some really cool restaurants, visited some great churches, reconnected with some old friends, got my very own desk set up in a co-working space close to home (so that I don't drive myself crazy being at home while the hubs is working), and we have been doing our very best to withstand the weather (luckily, it's been a fairly warm winter so far - thank you global warming #notPC). 

It was seriously so emotional saying goodbye to all of our friends and family (crying eyes for dayzzzz), but the feeling that overwhelmed me the most as I was sitting on the plane to NY was one of gratitude.

Gratitude is a funny thing. It makes you so appreciative of the things that you have and it is also humbling at the same time (never a bad thing btw). For me personally, I was overwhelmed with how grateful I was to have been part of an amazing church for the last four years, to have made the best friends on earth - ones that I can't imagine life without, and to have the GREATEST family ever. These people have shaped me in ways I can hardly even explain and I am so grateful to them for making me the woman I am today. 

Luckily this isn't goodbye for ever, just for now..that's why I titled this blog "ciao" - it is a way of saying both "hello" and "goodbye" and I'm interpreting it as more of a "see you soon". While I couldn't be more excited for the adventures that await us, sometimes you just have to leave it to Winnie The Pooh to say it best. 

xx, Amber


Ps - stay tuned for more posts from NY! xx