Photo by: Cheri Roohi

Photo by: Cheri Roohi


Hi! Super thankful that you've somehow stumbled into this space.

I'm just your West Coast girl - born in the The Bay, raised in Seattle and just recently packed my bags and moved from California to NYC with my dreamy husband.

More often then not, you'll find me with a pen in hand, attempting to write/draw/doodle or create something cool with what's in front of me. I'm passionate about bringing life to whatever (and whoever!) is before me, because that is who I believe I'm meant to be.

In my down time, I love being surrounded by my family, whom I consider to be an amazing gift, though that is a little tricky now that we're living in New York. So if I'm not working on a creative project, I'm probably exploring my new neighborhood, hunting for good coffee and delicious food. Either that or I'm in SoHo testing out makeup brands at Sephora or trying on some fabulous monochromatic pieces at Zara.

My other non-work obsessions include traveling with my hubs, trying out family recipes, exploring all Williamsburg has to offer, singing along to the Soundsystem station on Apple Radio, volunteering at my church, facetiming my friends and family back home and trying to be the girl I'm called to be. 

Check out my instagram page to see what I'm currently up to and feel free to send me a message with inquiries, collab requests or just to say hi! 


XO, Amber

Producer, project manager, graphic designer and handlettering artist.